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Financing Confident Decisions
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If you need lower interest rates, lower payments, extra cash or debt consolidation financing, you should contact Residential First Lending. Sure, we have competitive rates. But we do more than just deliver great rates. We give you the decision tool that lets you know why your loan program is the best fit for you. Our experience tells us that borrowers who make their financing decisions based on interest rate alone often overpay for their financing. With our True Cost ComparisonŠ you will know which program offers the right payment amount for the lowest cost. Don't make these decisions without the right tools, contact Residential First Lending today.

Lower Interest Rate
The financial markets have been very favorable to homeowners in the last several years and the opportunities to obtain lower interest financing have been abundant. Although this situation will not exist forever, it is usually worthwhile to contact Residential First Lending to find out about lowering your interest cost by refinancing your old mortgage today.

Extra Cash
Often times the best way to access the equity in your home is with a refinancing of your existing mortgage. Home remodeling costs, college tuition, or just increased cash reserves can be readily funded with a cash out refinancing.

Lower Payments
Cash is King but cash flow is Queen. If your monthly expenses are absorbing all of your cash you should consider reducing your monthly mortgage payment. This can be accomplished through some combination of interest rate reduction, loan term extension and/or loan type restructuring.

Debt Consolidation
With one of our debt consolidation loans, you can pay off your credit cards, car loans, student loans and even get some extra cash if you need it. Get rid of those high interest creditors while lowering your payments and possibly creating a tax deduction* in the process.

  • Excellent Rates.
  • Unlimited cash out.
  • Reduced Documentation.
  • Cash out on Investor Properties.
  • Lock in today's low fixed rates.

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*Check with your accountant regarding all tax issues specifically the deductibility of any mortgage payment.

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