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Financing Confident Decisions
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Whether you are a first time homebuyer, seasoned homeowner, second home purchaser or rental property investor, you will have a satisfying sense of enthusiasm when acquiring a new home. You will also have the sense of responsibility that comes with making a major financial decision. That is why Residential First Lending is here to help. Our experts will work with you to understand your goals. We'll summarize the financing options for you and review the True Cost ComparisonŠ report. Then, when you are ready to close, you'll get the right loan for the right cost at the right time. As you approach your home purchase, please consider our suggestions below for thoughts and considerations to get prepared for your purchase financing.

Pre-qualify for Maximum Purchase Power
Do you want to present yourself as the most qualified buyer, negotiate with confidence, and strike the optimum deal? Then you should apply for our Maximum Purchase Power Pre-qualifier. All you have to do is provide us with some basic information regarding your income, assets and liabilities. Then let us know what kind of loan you would like to consider. We'll complete our quick internal analysis and in a matter of minutes we will provide you with the written Maximum Purchasing Power Pre-qualifier. It sounds easy because we make it easy.

Cash Requirements
Even if you are obtaining 100% financing, most loan program guidelines require a certain amount of post-closing cash reserves. Use your Good Faith Estimate of closing costs as a tool to evaluate the total cash to close your transaction and be sure to make arrangements in advance to have adequate funds available.

Financing Contingencies
Most purchase agreements are contingent upon certain items that must be addressed prior to closing the purchase transaction. Contingencies for financing and appraisal are very common. Pay careful attention to these contingencies because they are there for a reason. When you and your agent are negotiating your purchase agreement, allow enough time for satisfaction of the contingencies. Also, leave a little time for yourself to review your written loan approval and property valuation before making a final commitment.

Loan Product Type
At Residential First Lending, choosing your loan product type is easy. All you need to know is how long you want to have your loan and we can do the rest. Our experts are well equipped to review your purchase financing requirement and then prepare a True Cost Comparison. Whether you want an Adjustable or Fixed Rate Mortgage you will know which program is best suited to you. See our section on loan products for more information.

  • Loans to $5.0 million.
  • 100% financing.
  • Down payment 100% gift from non-relative.
  • No income, No asset & No employment documentation.
  • No cost loans.
  • Quick close.

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