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For every opportunity there is always a moment to seize it.

"Sometimes the grass is greener…"
Before you give us a call, please review our list of frequently asked questions.

What do I need to get started with a Residential First Net Branch?
You need a computer, access to the web and a phone. We take care of the rest!

What is included in a Residential First start up kit?
We provide you with:

  • Your own copy of Calyx Point operating software including tech support
  • Access to the RBA web site
  • Your own personal email account, business cards and stationery
  • Immediate access to the major automated underwriting engines
  • Instant credit reports
  • Senior processing and production support.

Who is responsible for office space, computers, and other equipment?
The branch manager is responsible for all branch expenses.

How much does it cost to become a Residential First Net Branch?
The total start up cost is just your annual subscription fee.

What are the fees associated with being a Residential First Net Branch?
The RBA program has a fixed cost for each loan, a competitive processing fee and a broker administration fee. If you choose to take advantage of our totally optional Placement Assist Program, one of our in-house loan placement professionals will assist you with product analysis, selection and placement for a an additional fee.

Is my Residential First Net Branch assigned to a specific territory?
No. Residential First Net Branch does not assign territories but we are sensitive to allowing too many branches in any particular market. Our objective is to have each branch achieve its full potential. This strategy creates a win-win situation for Residential First and your branch.

Is my Residential First Net Branch required to keep a cash reserve at Residential First?
No. We do not have any reserve requirements.

Can my Residential First Net Branch use my existing name?
No. All branches use the Residential First Net Branch name.

Can my Residential First Net Branch originate seconds?
Yes. We have a great selection of second trust deed investors to choose from.

Who is responsible for the state audit?
Residential First is responsible for the audit.

Is the Residential First Net Branch Manager considered an employee of Residential First?
No. The Branch Manager is considered an independent contractor and receives 1099 income rather than W-2.

How often does Residential First pay its net branches?
It is our goal to have you receive your check within 72 hours of your loan disbursing.

Who is this system designed for?
Proven individual loan originators, small teams of loan originators and commercial & residential real estate brokerages. If you are interested in this new and innovative opportunity, please contact us today to learn more.

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